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Ar Pefc Fvg and Asdi Sedia: "Green Publc Procurement"

Purchases made by the Public Administration in Italy accounts about 17 percent of GDP (approximately EUR 210 billion) while in Europe 18 percent (corresponding to 1.550 billion euro). The system of "Green Procurement Public" (GPP), therefore, could become a decisive tool to foster the growth for a "sustainable and responsible market "; for this reason Ar Pefc Fvg and Asdi Sedia, in collaboration with Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and PEFC Italia, organized a free seminar on the topic of study, mainly addressed to the public administrations of FVG, scheduled for Friday, July 11, from 8:45 to 13, at the Pasolini hall in the Region, in Udine (via Sabbadini 31). After the greetings of the Vice-President of Asdi Sedia, Ing.Alberto Gortani, during the morning will intervene Emilio Gottardo, Vice-President of the cooperative LegnoServizi - Ar Pefc Fvg, Roberta G. Antonioli, Certifications Responsible of Asdi Sedia and Paolo Fabbri, President of Punto3.

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