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Alberto Ferretto/Fabrica



31.05.2012 ways of seating Design Team Fabrica

To understand the value of a chair we must except that it is not only for sitting. In any home, office or public space we will find a chair performing an alternative use. Perhaps the language of a chair is inherently inspiring through its peculiar compositions of lines, surfaces and joins. It is the perfect object to absent-mindedly throw a wet towel over or to stack books upon, as an alternative to a low table. Whilst dining in a restaurant the shoulder of a chair is far superior to a well-designed coat hanger. Its scale and weight make it easy to carry, stack or drag, and with 71 billion chairs in existence there is a good chance one will be close at hand. When we need to reach a high shelf we think of a chair before we think of a ladder. Standing on a chair is a wonderful thing – suitably elevated, stable footed, with zero effort and no specialist equipment. The beauty of such situations is the thoughtlessness – they happen intuitively, to the credit of human ingenuity and a convenient chair. The Fabrica Design Department were inspired by these notion when designing Chair No4 of the “Searching For Cassiopeia” series. Here we see a domestic sculpture where a low backed chair extends into a high surface, reachable only by standing on the seat. The shelf is reliant on the chair for structural stability, projecting from three chair legs, and mirroring the inverted form of the seat. Such geometry allows the shelf to be offset from the plan of the chair, creating a poised independent composition of chair and shelf in co-existence. The piece serves as a literal and conceptual extension of the resourcefulness of the humble chair. Like any good chair it does its job and more. Searching For Cassiopeia is a collaborative project by Fabrica and the Italian Chair District District. The 12 original chairs were the fruit of a design workshop by Fabrica designers whilst visiting Udine. The project was launched at the Salone Del Mobile Milan 2012, and will evolve through a series of touring exhibition and exploratory workshops. More info: www.fabricafeaures.com



Alberto Ferretto/Fabrica



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