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Cizeta is a successful firm that has been operating in the "Italian Chair District" for over thirty years. Our proven experience is what lends our brand its reliability, availability and flexibility. It is quality, however, that truly distinguishes us from our competitors: the quality of the wood we select, of our research oriented towards developing new models, of our carefully crafted products, of our attention to detail and customer service. Our customer support is founded on the principle of maintaining a qualified staff that is always available to meet the needs of even the most demanding clients. Our strength lies in our ability to join high-tech machinery and equipment to the finest in traditional craftsmanship. This combination of age-old knowledge and modern techniques is the foundation on which we have built our reputation. Thanks to our constant drive towards self-improvement, today we boast 7,000 square meters of storage and production space. We produce an average of 2,000 seats a day and can guarantee prompt availability of 60,000 unfinished chair and table frames of various models. Our company was specially designed to help our customers save on costs and delivery times. Cizeta offers a wide range of models, from the most refined modern designs to the strictly classical, including country-style and "arte povera" furniture. Over the years our company has diversified its range of production and today we can offer you a broad range of chairs, armchairs, tables and furniture components. Working from samples allows us to satisfy all sorts of tastes and still guarantee top quality and a high level of professionalism. We make use of the latest advances in modern technology to ensure cutting-edge products delivered on time. Yet our focus remains the value of our products and we never forget our roots in traditional craftsmanship, nor our overarching goal: the quality of our brand. Our products are the result of long, painstaking research on all parts of the process: choice of product lines, creation of models, selection of wood, production techniques, raw material processing, and the use of fabrics and dyes. Each aspect of the process has been subjected to careful study by our team of experts down to the very last detail. The craftsman-like attention to detail that distinguishes our products from those of competitors is our brand name’s guarantee of high quality. All of the components used in our products have been designed, developed and manufactured exclusively in Italy with all of the guarantees that Made in Italy has to offer: respect for the environment and for workers, originality of design and protection of property rights, and carefully executed finishing. Quality is what makes our company stand out from the rest: our products are all exclusive to our company and legally registered.

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