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For almost 40 years the "Di Corrado" Company has been run by a family that now, under the leadership of Claudio Di Corrado and his sons, has reached the third generation.

Our business started in 1974 making wooden chairs components and in 1991 we condensate all the experience gained in the past to create our own line of products.

We are a young and dynamic company in which Di Corrado family continue watching over every stage of the production with skill and devotion. Our goal is to create high quality products developing production processes and using our own technologies.

We always have available a vast warehouse of finished and semi-finished products and above all raw wooden parts ready for production. This allow us to cover every customer demand in short periods of time with a flexible and reliable strategy.

During these 40 years of activity we never stop to invest in productions technologies mainly based on the use of CNC machines which are the core of our production.

Furthermore, we are proud to announce that the whole Di Corrado company is powered by an autonomous solar panel system and all the standards of our production are environmentally friendly.

These are the values we want to add to our products, design objects made with care, with a closer look to the environment, passion and experience, sold in the European and American market, not simple chairs but chairs "MADE IN ITALY".

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