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Offering the market a system of companies certified by FILIERA ISO 9001 means guaranteeing the world the chance to rely on a production system focused on the continual improvement of customer satisfaction. The Filiera ISO 9001, developed for the Italian Chair District, presently involves 21 independent but certified companies which operate as a collective production system in order to offer a complete subcontracting chain of quality to a market which is increasingly focused on very high quality standards. From the very first processing phase in the sawmill to the final stage of after-sales services, the FILIERA ISO 9001 is able to offer a structured and reliable system thanks to the implementation of a shared policy issued by the internationally-recognised UNI ES ISO 9001:2008 standard and thanks to the continued control over non-compliance by a central office responsible for supervising the predetermined targets. FILIERA ISO 9001 stands for the quality of production processes, of subcontracting specialisation, of quality services within a very important production system for the international market: the Italian Chair District.

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