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First in Sweden, to return the recent visit of the Swedish Cluster to the regional furniture production area, then to Norway, at the brilliant event "Designer Saturday" , with a network of companies ready to point to northern Europe. The furniture made in Fvg continues with the Cluster Arredo and Casa Sistema, its climb to new and interesting markets, in countries that are increasingly demonstrating to appreciate the know-how of our region, above all the wise woodworking . Just the "Ikea" country had taken inspiration from Friuli Venezia Giulia to deepen the dynamics of the sector, seeing a few companies in the chair district a few months ago.

The exchange of good practices between the Swedish Mobile and Friulian Wood-Furniture has now been continued with the visit of the Italian director, Carlo Piemonte, to the Swedish Textile Center and some automated companies, host of Director of Interior Cluster Sweden AB, Anders Wisth . "We are delighted that the Italian and Swedish Clusters have started a partnership," says the Swedish manager, "we hope to start a business partnership between the two countries in a shart time." "We have been discussing future partnerships - continues Piemonte -, such as participation in the "Elmia" subcontracting fair and European projects, with the aim of expanding our markets in the world."

After being studied in Sweden, the Cluster Furniture and House System continues to show interest in Northern Europe, participating for the first time in an event where the whole city of Oslo breathes design and furniture trends. Four companies, Crassevig, Frag, Moroso, Pratic, present in aggregate form with the "Italia for Contract" network to live the Norwegian experience. "A presence, that of the IFC network, which expresses the capacity and culture of made in Italy," says the director of the Cluster Furniture and Casa System Carlo Piemonte. It goes from leather seats to those wood, up to the pergolas. IFC confirms to be a network able to offer quality and to catalyze the attention of industry reporters, architects and designers, who have been visiting our space designed by the Viola studio. "

"We decided to participate in Norway because it is a country that is investing a lot - commented Francesco Crassevig - With active yards and new offices there will be space for furniture manufacturers and we intend to consolidate our position on this market. " Also for Federica Fonzo from Frag the Norwegian market is interesting "because it points to design and clean lines. We believe a lot in the Cluster project, also seeing the outcomes: positive affluence and high quality. " The Italia for Contract, coordinated by Cluster Arredo, has already been proposed itself to international markets in recent times and every time the regional sector is winning. "These new forms of collaboration works - closes Carlo Piemonte - and confirms how aggregation projects are an effective tool for presenting and consolidating abroad the companies of the regional home system."

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