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Silvano Montina, who wanted to put into practice the experience he had gained in the chair industry since he was a boy, founded Montbel in 1959 in Manzano. From the beginning, Montbel was renowned for an attention to detail and an awareness of every customer’s need. These qualities were improved and strengthened during the sixties. In 1966, the company moved to its present day production site, enabling it to reinforce its commercial plans and expand into international markets. During this phase, Montbel’s production was exclusively directed towards customer’s drawings and/or prototypes. This precious know-how has been harnessed to push the company forward, in recent years, towards two changes. The first came about when Silvano Montina’s two children entered the business to take charge of the commercial and production departments. The second was the creation of a range of products under the Montbel brand name. The Montbel collection has been created with the collaboration of both Italian and foreign designers. All the models presented in this catalogue are protected by copyright and have been studied and tested (by the Institute CATAS) to unite maximum comfort and strength with splendid design. Modern seating with clean lines, practical but elegant and meets the needs of both the contract and residential markets. Our success comes from our production and commercial staff, mainly created by young, dedicated people, who can take the ideas from the previous generation and apply them in a dynamic and innovative way. In the era of globalisation the company’s new target has been to contribute to the creation of a new group of companies complementary with each other. This group will respond very well to future world market development. The present range of products will steadily increase and be complemented. The service to the customer will always be considerate and prompt.

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