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Quattroventi has been exercising its activities in the plant of Corno di Rosazzo for over 40 years, maintaining continuity with the family tradition of woodworking that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Quattroventi is recognized and valued for the variety and peculiarity of work carried out. Cutting-edge technologies are used with CNC numeric control machines with tridimensional visualization of the milling with 6 interpolated axes and 3D profile processing based on the interpretation of photographs or bitmaps, 3D scans with optical scanners and virtual clay models to customize the profile processing. Manual polishing, assemblage and finish, are dealt with in detail, to guarantee our customers the best quality product. Quattroventi manufactures furnishing objects on samples or designs proposed by the customer, with a production capacity of small and medium series. The materials used can range from common broadleaves for seats and tables to those more special as rosewood, eucalyptus, muirapiranga, used for the items of furniture. Outdoor wood as teak, iroko, black locust for the realization of gratings for wells, racks for shower trays and naval furnishing elements. Processing of thermally cured timbers. MDF processing for hotel frames, moulds for the processing of plastic foams. Drilling and milling of methacrylate, polycarbonate, HPL and PRAL. Components for musical instruments, handles, planks and bottoms. Seats for fitness centres. Anti-stress for parrots in wood and natural hemp. Possibility to customize the products obtained with the customer’s own logo, profiling, laser. Quattroventi is the local retailer for PLA.NET of Professional Plancha Barbecues.

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