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The Romanutti Legno sas by Romanutti Mario has a historical memory in the field of timber, which has been handed down for ninety years. Mario was the first businessman in the triangle of the chair to bring the ovens for drying the wood to the family business. In 1987, he had the intuition to start a company for vacuum and traditional drying of wood on behalf of third parties, adding later also the evaporation of wood. With watchful eye he has walked side by side with the technology, taking everything that could improve the drying process until arriving to a fully computerized drying. He had guessed that the old iron systems had to be replaced with new stainless steel systems (built under his precise indications), very expensive but that eliminated subsequent costs to compensate for obsolescence (e.g. sandblasting and repainting, harmful for human health and the environment).Today, the capabilities of Romanutti Legno are for traditional drying mc 400.00 per cycle and for vacuum drying mc 200.00 for each cycle; the Company also has a large and capable plant that gives it the possibility to store the material of the customers for long periods. It is checked the incoming material, manual work of loading and unloading of the installations and above all the drying processes that are carried out with foresight. Working with vacuum furnaces of last generation, you can dry all the wood essences, also of important thickness, greatly reducing the drying time compared to traditional ovens. The manufacturing works in continuous operation and in case of anomalies of the system, a computerized alarm warns the manager via cell phone, so that he can solve and re-enable the cycle in real-time. Efficiency and the propensity to continuous improvement enable Romanutti Legno to successfully meet the expectations and needs of customers.

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