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The Director Piemonte talks about his participation to the B2B mission in Teheran

Carlo Piemonte, director of the Cluster Arredo Friuli Venezia Giulia, tells his experience at the July’s B2B business trip organized by Federlegno Arredo Eventi in Teheran to the magazine Design Diffusion News, in the 226 edition "Iran Special Edition/Dubai design Today".

These were the thoughts expressed by the director to the journalist Luciana Cuomo: “Cluster Arredo and Sistema Casa is the consortium engaged in the development of furniture department at FVG. Among the pursued objectives, alongside product and process innovation services, there is internationalization, including the business trip in Iran. This was a successful, well organized, experience, that allowed us to get in touch with high-ranking representatives. On this occasion, as well as representing the regional furniture system, I had the opportunity to help Frag, Mont-bel and Tonon to reach the local market.

The greatest challenge for the companies that move toward internationalization, is to find the right partner, the one really capable to represent the company in the sector it is part of. Design, modernity, hospitality, residential are some of the areas distinguishing the companies. It is therefore crucial to face internationalization in a conscious manner and on a continuous basis.

Iranian market represents an interesting opportunity for Italian companies producing high-quality and innovative design supplies. These are the values on which people I met put emphasis - they mostly searched for supplies featuring new materials, refined design and quality, to ensure durability. For instance, Tonon’s products strongly impressed the Iranian operators – for example the avant-gardist design and soft-touch materials of River Side and River Stone seats – the perfect solution in the hospitality sector since reliable and very easy to clean. Concerning Frag, Iranian appreciated company’s ability to create products with a refined design, shaping the leather in a very professional manner. Concerning Montbel, Iranian operators noticed the highest building quality and used materials, that make this brand a reference point in the furniture of major international hotels.

The hospitality sector is the target group on which several enterprises - Iranian in particular - are now focusing. Hotels, restaurants and public areas are some of the projects presented during the b2b meetings, and these could offer concrete opportunities for Italian furniture manufacturers. Never forgetting that, to face new challenges in the hospitality sector, companies need specific skills and corporate organization to meet all the needs and requirements a project like this implies.”

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