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The Italian Concept: the new business network

The positive feedback from Great Britain continues for the Friuli Venezia Giulia's furniture companies. Under the guide of the Furniture Cluster, a group of companies have arrived to London to conquer the UK market, the first country for the furniture export of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. Started in June, following the lead of the light, with the "Ritual of light" event organized by Crassevig, Frag, Moroso and Pratic of the network Italia for Contract network,the founders Midj, Montbel and Piaval of the new business network known as "The Italian Concept" participated in a successful evening at the Chelsea College of Arts. The official launch of the group was the presentation of the best interior design and architecture projects carried out in the recent years by Midj, Montbel and Piaval, now engaged in b2b meetings directly in the London architecture studiosThen the network will participate in the "100% Design" furniture fair, with a central space of more than 100 square meters that will provide visibility to the exhibitors and the appropriate reception for the incoming operators.

"Excellent collaboration with the prestigious magazine Platform" said the Director of the Furniture Cluster, Mr. Carlo Piemonte, who moderated the London event - which has given value to the identity of the companies; the network looks interesting to the architects, who have appreciated the format because it is capable of transmitting the productivity of each individual company, making at the same time, system. "


Business comments

Lucio Ravedoni, Business Manager of Montbel: "Presenting us as a network has added value in a market that is the hub of the world's leading architects' studies." Lorenzo Piani, owner of Piaval: "an interesting evening for the quality of contacts. We are aiming to the UK market and we will be at the Fair in September." A new experience, a source of satisfaction, for Midj's sales manager, Miriam Vernier. "It was our first approach to this type of costumers, leading to the" 100% Design" branch fair to which we will participate as a group. An event of great quality ".


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