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TNT was founded in 1997 by the enterprise and dynamism of the brothers Franco and Mauro Tantolo, as a natural continuation of the thirty-year experience of their parents. The Company is located in Middle Eastern Friuli in the heart of the Industrial District of the Chair. TNT is specialized in the manufacture and processing of plastic foams for the most varied uses: padded chairs, office chairs, mattresses, sofas, soundproofing panels, elements for packaging, components for boating, etc. Quality, speed of answer and professionalism are the key features that have allowed the quick success of TNT on the local market. TNT is able to obtain, through the processing of raw blocks of polyurethane foam, semi-finished products of any shape and size according to the requirements and specifications of each customer. TNT guarantees the quality of the raw materials used, as it maintains strict controls on supplies. The Company offers a wide range of plastic foams with different density, carrying capacity, degree of rigidity and fireproofing. Besides its main activity, TNT performs cutting and gluing, on polyurethane details, of different weights of resin and layers. In processing are used numeric control machines of last generation and high precision. The advanced computer system with which the Company is equipped allows providing at the customer’s request, a service of traceability of the product with which it is possible to trace back the batch of raw material used in making each individual provision.

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