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18.05.2012 ways of seating Nicola Pressi

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter! For some time it has been on everybody’s lips, and yet in Italy it is a fashion/tendency that has exploded quite late with regard to other countries. What are we speaking about? Twitter, of course! Just to begin with, with is this “new” social network? What are its features? What differences does it offer compared to the better known Facebook? Let’s start from the end with a citation that I like a lot and which in my opinion explains the difference between the social networks with the greatest success in the world: Facebook is a social network that is useful to receive updates on the persons one went to school with. Twitter is a social network that is useful to receive updates with the people we WOULD HAVE LIKED to go to school with. This, in effect, is the difference at base. Twitter permits us to receive updates from our idols, from the people we respect and that we would really like to be our friends. No need for them to authorise our friendship, everything is faster and simpler. And yet we still hear phrases continually like “But how does Twitter work?... I don’t understand anything!” or “Facebook is better, it’s simpler!” Facebook is simpler? Facebook gives us the possibility to enter updates regarding status, photos, videos, events, applications, games, groups and questions. Twitter instead gives you the possibility to write 140 characters, stop. OK, not exactly like that, because Twitter also permits you in some way to share lots of content, but it has not been able until now to enter the hearts of Italian users as much as its better known rival. And yet Twitter remains one of the most important instruments in the world of work. All the companies that watch the world of the web have an account on Twitter which they follow scrupulously, paying close attention to what is said about them on the net.

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